Thank you very much for your help and what a great product!

- Terry

Thanks so much for your help. We are very happy to have easy access to wifi now!

- Lili

Very impressed with Wave WiFi. Any company can do things well when all is good. It is how they handle things when something goes South, that tells their true quality. Even though we both lost money on this sale, we did the right thing and left a customer with a really good impression of our companies. We never know how our actions will effect tomorrow. All I can say is THANKS!!

- Rich

Very pleased with everything! - RV mount and Easy Set-Up. I purchased your Rogue Wave WiFi unit to mount on our RV, very pleases with everything, very easy to set up. Thanks,

- Rush

Just installed one of your Wave WiFi units. Currently quite a ways off-shore and receiving the ports wifi signal with three yellow bars, and connected with usable internet. Well Done! Your interface is 10X better than others I've used which makes all the difference in the usability of the unit. Thanks again,

- Ron

Thank you so much for your help. Our sailboat has been here in Tahiti for 3 years so we know what works. It is great to have a company that is so responsive!

- Steve

You Guys ROCK! Thanks so much for the AWESOME customer service.

- Marvin