Frequently Asked Questions

How do I physically setup my Rogue Wave or EC – Series unit?
  • The Quick Start Guide that ships with each unit will walk you through the installation and setup, step by step.
  • Remember that all Wave WiFi products are web based there is no software to install.
How do I log into the Rogue Wave or E Series unit?

To Log into a Wave WiFi Unit:

  • Using a supported Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), navigate to the ‘Scan for Network’ page by using the following IP address:
Is Wave WiFi an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

No, Wave WiFi units are used for short and long range connectivity to personal or public Hot Spots (Access Points) that have Internet service.

Do I need to Register my Rouge Wave or EC – Series unit for it to work?

No, you do not need to Register your unit for it to work. It is truly ‘plug and play.’

Can I add a Wireless Router to the Rogue or EC – Series unit?
  • Wave WiFi has the MBR-Series wireless routers which are capable of managing multiple sources on the vessel. Or our wireless APs.
  • If you intend to use a third party router with only a 12V DC power source (no inverter), check the power requirements of the router before you purchase.
Do you recommend any particular Router to use with the Rogue Wave or Rogue Pro?

Yes, we recommend our Wave WiFi series routers with any of our systems. They are multi source routers that are themselves wireless. However the MBR550 has an extra SIM activated cell feature which broadens your connectivity options. We also have the single source APs for a compact, quick, and easy install which works seamlessly with our family of products. As an alternative if you have other devices that need to be hardwired to an internet source, any Dual Band household type wireless router could work also.

Do you recommend any particular R outer to use with your higher power EC – Series units?

Yes, for a more sophisticated install we recommend our MBR500 or MBR550 which is a wireless 4 source Wireless Router and Cellular router respectively. Both have fail over capabilities for our EC Series units. (See 3G/4G Products section)

What OS (Operating System) works best with your units?

Wave WiFi units do not require an OS to function. The firmware is web based and built into each unit. Regardless what OS your device uses, you can depend upon Wave WiFi to get you connected and keep you connected.

Can I leave my Rogue Wave or EC – Series unit ‘ON’ all the time or do I turn it ‘OFF’ when I no longer need my internet connection?

You can leave the Rogue Wave or EC Unit on all the time; however, remember that Wave WiFi products operate on 12-Volt DC power. On a boat or motor coach, prolonged use could drain the battery. Also, it is also always better to unplug electrical devices when not in use as standard practice.

How do I reset my Rogue Wave or EC – Series unit to factory defaults?

Do not attempt to factory reset or default your Wave WiFi device without correct supervision by Wave WiFi technicians. If you feel your device needs to be reset, not to be confused with power cycling, then please call 954-928-1310 or email Pressing any reset button without Wave WiFi supervision may require the unit to be returned to Wave WiFi tech support with possible additional charges not covered by warranty.

When I scan for networks, the Wave WiFi unit sees my own wireless router.
  • That’s correct because Wave WiFi sees your router as a wireless network. However, when you scan, remember you’re looking for a specific Hot Spot or a Hot Spot with Internet access other than your own.
  • Do not connect to your network within the Wave WiFi interface page unless you are connecting to a secondary hotspot on board and within your network, that is not physically connected.
  • Just because you are able to connect to a wireless network, there is no guarantee that that network is connected to the Internet. Connecting to someone’s printer will not get you Internet access.
  • Is the Rogue or EC – Series units currently compatible with 802.11 AC?

    Absolutely! See our EC HP DB AC system and Tidal Wave model in the product section.

    Can I use the Rogue Wave on my RV or Motor Coach?

    Yes, however we suggest our Rogue Reach products for RV or Motor Coach users. These models have been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our land customers. The Rogue Reach models have 25’ of integral cable. Which therefore allows our customer to mount the Reach on a ratchet mount, and can be laid horizontally when not in use.

    Where can I purchase Wave WiFi products?

    Wave WiFi products are sold through our trusted Partners. You can click the ‘Partner Locator’ tab on the Wave WiFi website or contact us at