Plugging the Ethernet cable from the Rogue directly to the Apple TV works great!

I also purchased a GL iNet Mango Mini router. This way I was successful in creating a WiFi network using the Rogue as the WAN and allowing me to find this network with the Apple TV and my IOS devices. Screen mirroring to the Apple TV from the iPad is therefore possible. So, if I download programs to the iPad, I can then send them to the Apple TV via screen mirroring.

With this setup, I might as well be at home. Everything works perfectly. As long as I have an Xfinity WiFi hotspot or some marina network with enough speed, I’m good to go.

You have a wonderful product here. It makes buying a DirecTV dome and DVR unnecessary.

Just thought I’d let you know. Great customer support!

- Charles B.

I got it to work...loose wire! Thank you. Everything worked out great.

- Tommy M.

Third Verizon store. Found a tech genius. It's working perfectly. Thank you for all your help. Is there someone I can sing your praises to?

- Bob H.

Thanks! Exactly what I needed! Again, many thanks to you for taking care of me as a customer like you have. Glad to tell people about it.

- Daniel A.

Two minutes from opening the box to internet connectivity. Pretty impressive.

- Ben S.

I am tremendously happy with the system, the more I use it the more I love it!

- Jim L.

Thank you for your great service!

- Eric H.

Sweet! I’ll get the configuration all figured and make a purchase. I’m happy to be part of the family.

- Sean F.

I ran the new cable and put on the connectors and my rogue wave is blazing!!

- Randy S.

Thanks so much for your help and a great product!

- Terry S.