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Wireless Internet requirements differ from one boat to another. Wave WiFi offers a range of products that meet the most discriminating requirements of the small boat owner or megayacht captain.

Wave WiFi has an EC-Series model to fit your needs and your budget

  • Rogue WAVE: Low price, portable and very powerful.
  • EC-ER and EC-AP-ER: extended range/medium price
  • EC-HP and EC-AP-HP: long range where the unit can be installed close to the antenna


Customers needing an economical solution for medium range ship-to-shore Internet connections the ROGUE WAVE is just the ticket for you. This model is ideal for the smaller boat and provides a line of sight range of up to 8-miles from a high power, good quality HotSpot.

For the larger vessels requiring a greater range of Internet communications consider the ER and HP models. These models provide a range up to 10 to 12 miles. 

Please click on the product links to download the brochure sheets and find out more about these Wave WiFi products.


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