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WAVE WiFi Access Points (Hot Spots)

The WAVE WiFi's AP products provide a low-cost approach to providing managed Internet access for marinas and boatyards or any other business that wants to provide wireless Internet access for their customers.

WAVE WiFi's unique AMC GATEWAY (Access Management Controller) offers an economical approach to providing managed Internet access for marinas and boat yards or any other small to medium business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public.

The AMC GATEWAY is a high performance gateway suitable for installations in computer
networks that include wireless access points and business center computers and. The gateway can manage up to 250 simultaneous Internet users.

Download WAVE WiFi AMC/AP data sheet

WAVE WiFi AP's can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer. The disclaimer text can be edited.

WAVE WiFi AP's can also control Internet access: users have to type an access code into the login page to connect to the Internet. The WAVE WiFi AP's have an access code generation and management page that is used by the marina owner to generate and delete codes. Access codes can be downloaded and printed. The generated access codes allow customers to access the Internet.

Installing the WAVE WiFi AP is simple. The unit is fixed in position, powered up and connected to the Internet. A wireless computer connection opens the 'Setup Wizard' when the browser is opened.

Should you require guidance with your access point selection or with installation, please contact our Wave WiFi specialists.


The STAR-AP and COMET-AP are unitized wireless units suitable outdoor installations. Both units have a long range signal and the built-in directional antenna covers an arc of 70 degrees forward of the unit.

Both the AP-HP and the ROGUE-AP utilize external antennas to maximize coverage and range. These high-power access points perform best with patch antennas or sector antennas.

Sector antennas are available in 90, 120 and 180 degree radiation patterns. Antennas for the AP-HP and ROGUE-AP are sold separately .


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