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Wave Wifi Technology

Each component of all Wave WiFi’s products is designed and engineered for the marine environment. All Wave WiFi products support 802.11 b/g/n. However there are even more powerful products that support 802.11 an/ac frequencies also. These are called Dual Band meaning they operate at both 2.4GHz & 5GHz frequencies. Thereby exhibiting high receive sensitivity and transmitter output power. That means Internet connections are possible up to several miles* from a high powered, access point (HotSpot). *­­Depending on the product and environmental conditions.

Wave WiFi has also developed cellular products supporting 3G/4G LTE – A technology. These global products can be used both domestically and internationally. These systems are capable of staying connected to shore based cell towers up to 20 miles* offshore.                                         *­­Depending on environmental conditions and external antennas.

Wave WiFi products offer outstanding performance because of the proprietary firmware technology embedded in each unit. The web-based firmware permits the user to scan for public access points (HotSpots) and provides a detailed diagnosis of each HotSpot’s relative signal strength. The user can select a HotSpot that will provide Internet connectivity and connect to that access point.

This same technology allows the user to access WEP, WPA and WPA2 encrypted access points. A graphical user interface allows the user to see the signal-to-noise ratio in real-time.

The Wave WiFi EC-Series products are Ethernet Converters (EC) allowing the Wave WiFi unit to be directly connected to all Ethernet enabled devices resulting in flawless performance as a standalone system or integrated into the vessel’s network. Because Wave WiFi’s proprietary firmware technology is built-in, there is no software to install. Wave WiFi also features ‘MIMO’ (Multiple Input/Multiple Output) technology on all of its High Powered products.

What is MIMO?

Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology uses Multi-path (when wireless signals ‘bounce’ off of objects and arrive at the receiver at different times) to improve wireless performance.

MIMO technology takes a single data stream, breaks it down into several separate data streams, and sends it out over multiple antennas. This provides redundancy and results in:

  • Increased data throughput and range by utilizing multiple antennas
  • Improved link reliability and less fading than a single antenna system
  • Multiple data streams provide alternatives for line-of-sight issues
  • By transmitting multiple data streams at the same time, wireless capacity is increased

Today’s Wave WiFi products represent the on-going evolution of mobile WiFi and provide greatly enhanced performance and functionality for today’s WiFi dependent society.