Wireless Internet requirements differ from one boat to another. Wave WiFi offers a range of products that meet the most discriminating requirements of the small boat owner or mega yacht captain.

Wave WiFi has an EC-Series model to fit your needs and your budget

  • Rogue WAVE: Low price, portable and very powerful.
  • Rogue PRO: Very powerful performance in a polished, stainless steel marine grade housing.
  • EC-ER and EC-AP-ER: Extended range/medium price
  • EC-HP and EC-AP-HP: Most powerful long range unit. Optional MIMO kit available.

Customers needing an economical solution for medium range ship-to-shore Internet connections the ROGUE WAVE or ROGUE PRO is just the ticket for you. These models are ideal for the smaller boat and provides a line of sight range of up to 7-miles from a high power, good quality HotSpot.

For the larger vessels requiring a greater range of Internet communications consider the ER and HP models. These models provide a range up to 10 to 12 miles.

The Wave WiFi Marine Broadband Routers (MBR’s) are cost-effective broadband source selectors suitable for a sport fisherman or a megayacht. The MBR is the central control element for a robust Internet communications system and enables management of up to seven broadband sources.

With Wave WiFi’s Yacht AP, you can setup and manage up to 12 AP’s (access points) directly from your Wave WiFi EC Series unit or Wave Marine Broadband Router.