WiFi– that’s short for wireless fidelity, a method of making a computer connection using radio waves instead of a hard-wire connection. For most of us, WiFi is synonymous with an Internet connection accomplished wirelessly rather than plugging into a DSL or cable modem. WiFi is fast, with speeds twenty times that of a dial-up modem and more than twice the speed of the fastest cellular data services.

WiFi is popular at hotels and airports offering it as a way for travelers to stay connected while on the road. More and more marinas are making WiFi ‘HotSpots’ available to attract customers and offer wireless Internet service to both long-term slip holders and transients.


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There’s a wide range of information available on the web to assist boaters like real-time weather information and navigational software updates. Of course there’s email and instant messaging and you can check out your intended destination and make reservations online. Best of all, thanks to Wave WiFi, it is as easy as opening your laptop or wireless device and signing-on.

Wave WiFi products are manufactured and distributed by Wave WiFi, Inc. Wave WiFi is the third generation of mobile WiFi products brought to the marine market. The initial product offering was the limited line of extended range, mobile WiFi systems launched in 2004. In 2006, the EC-Series was introduced broadening Wave WiFi’s range of powerful WiFi products for extended-range, mobile Internet access.

Today’s Wave WiFi models represent the on-going evolution of mobile WiFi and provide greatly enhanced performance and functionality.