Wave WiFi’s New High Powered Dual Band 3G/4G model boasts concurrent listening on three different frequency bands at the same time; 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and Cell. Our HP DB 3G/4G has a one gigabit Ethernet port and isn’t afraid to use it. This model provides further connection ranges than any other Wave WiFi device. It is also MU-MIMO capable meaning it can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously keeping you connected!

All Wave WiFi models ship with feature rich web-based interfaces and come with all accessories necessary to get you up and running. Wave WiFi firmware is proprietary created and owned by us for our products. The HP DB 3G/4G model supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption as well as GSM and CDMA bands on the cellular side. There is no software to install which means better plug and play performance for computer accessories. Enjoy the Luxury of WiFi & Cell on the Water.

EC HP DB 3G/4G Features include:

  • Supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz (5.1-5.8) Wi-Fi frequencies
  • One Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet Port
  • Comes MiMo Ready
  • (2) 3’ Outdoor High Gain Omnidirectional Dual Band antennas
  • (2) Indoor rubber duck Dual Band antennas
  • (2) 25’ Ultra Flex 400 antenna cables
  • One High Gain Outdoor Cellular Antenna with cable
  • Supports both GSM & CDMA Bands

Download the HP DB 3G/4G Brochure